Word count challenges beyond 1000?

On hitting the 1k and completing that challenge, I was hoping to jump onto the next, but it seems there aren’t anymore (word challenges) :cry:

It would be pretty cool to have word count challenges for:

Obviously, right now, my goal is Beginner 2 at 1700 words (Italian)
So, that’s a pretty good motivational goal.
After that, it’s quite a leap to Intermediate (6700). A 2.5k followed by a 5k word challenge would have been very, very nice.
And Intermediate 2, well, let’s not go there :dizzy_face:

I have joined the 90 Day challenges :grin:

You can create one for yourself. Just write the goal on a post-it-note and stick it on the wall. It will keep you on track and keep you going. That’s what I am doing for German. Always write your goal on paper never keep it in your mind. You will be sidetracked.

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Try to keep a streak for some time. For me it is quite a motivating commitment.

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Yeah, I’ll probably do that to get me to Beginner 2 :grinning:

Yeah, that will help for sure. :grinning:

Once I can read more interesting material, especially proper stories (novelettes/novels), I won’t be bothered about ways and means to motivate me :grin:

Do celebrate your little milestones. It helps sustain your motivation to keep going. Try eating something that you have not eaten in a long time.

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Pizza prize! :grin: