Word count and activity score count backwards

Not that it is really important, but as of today, whenever I am on the last page of a lesson, and I have paging moves to known words activated, once I finish the lesson the wordcount decreases some 3 to 5 words.

Also I have the feeling that the activity score is frozen. Last week I had a gold apple and an activity over 4000, which decreased a little during last week. Now it seems stuck around 3400 and no matter how many lingQs I create or how many words I read, the count doesn’t go up anymore…

Zoran said recently that paging moves to known can double count the same word, and it gets fixed/verified when you finish the lesson.

I do not think activity score updates in real time… I’d try waiting a day.

Also, keep in mind that moving words previously marked known back to status 1 to 3 will reduce your known words count.