Wondering if my SRS works

I just read whatever I could find on SRS, but somehow it doesn’t make sense when I look at my vocabulary.
For example, I keep getting the “No more LingQs to repeat today” message, but there are still plenty of words in the SRS tab. I have plenty of words on level 1 that never came up in any repetition session so far and I don’t understand why. What am I doing wrong? Or is the system not working?

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I tried it again - I did several SRS sessions until I got the message “no more LingQs due for review today” . When I went back to the SRS tab there were still plenty more words (3 pages). Could it be that the “system” can only consider one page of vocabulary at a time and doesn’t “see” that there are several more pages?

Please note that there is a difference between LingQs listed of SRS list which are Due For Review, and all other LingQs listed there. Each LingQ is shown twice in a session. After that, the session is over. Any LingQs that you answer correctly twice, get moved up 1 status level. Once a LingQ has been viewed, it is removed from the SRS review pool of LingQs due for review. It is added back to the SRS pool based on its status - 1 (1 day), 2 (3 days), 3 (7 days), 4 (15, 30, 90 days), Known (never). Once you have viewed all LingQs in the SRS pool, you will have no more LingQs to review that day.

yes, I do understand that part. But it does not explain, why after the message “no more LingQs due for review today” there are plenty of LingQs under the SRS tab.

You have number of Daily LingQs set for each language under the settings. For example if you have Daily LingQs set to 25, you will have 25 LingQs to Review each day. This list do not include all words you have on SRS list, so there will be more words there. If you want to review more, you can simple do that from the Vocabulary tab.

ooooh, that’s the part I had not understood. Thank you!

I also would like to know how exactly the SRS system works. With Anki it’s so simple - I didn’t get my head around the LingQ system yet though.

@JackYBHV Please look at my posts above.

Hi Zoran, thank you for taking your time to answer my question! Maybe I’m just stupid, so please bare with me :slight_smile: So I read my text and mark all my new words and thus create new LingQs. They appear on the vocabulary list, which shows ALL the lingqs I have ever created. They start on Level 1, I have never touched them. They don’t show up on my “repetition needed” list. How do I start learning them? Do they appear on their own on that “to review list”? Or do I have to click on “Review” in the full vocabulary list? When I do that, a lot of already learned lingqs come up but not necessarily the lingqs I added to the list and which I would like to learn.

Thanks again for your time!

Edit: So I figured out on myself that I can filter the lingqs and only show the Level-1-words. When I click on review then, it only shows the new lingqs. I wonder if expressions appear on the “to review” list or not!?

If you have Daily LingQs notifications/email enabled under the settings Login - LingQ list of LingQs to review will be sent to you Daily based on their status. You can select number of LingQs you want to review too, minimum 25, maximum 200 LingQs per day. When reviewing LingQs, if you guess same term correctly twice in a row, its status will increase +1 automatically. Once when a word reach status 4, it will be considered known and included in your Known words statistics.

Thanks! Let’s assume a LingQ reaches Level 4. After a long while it is shown to me again - but I let’s assume I don’t remember it! Will it be reset to status 1 or will it keep status 4?

Status 4 words are still sent to you to review them on 15, 30 then 90 days. Only check-marked words aren’t sent anymore.
Words status won’t decrease by itself if you don’t review them, but it will decrease automatically if you guess a term wrongly twice in a row.

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