Wonderful Portuguese content from Brazil

I have decided to improve my Portuguese, and to focus on Brazilian Portuguese, whereas my previous exposure was more to European Portuguese.

I can heartily recommend a wonderful course in our library created by our member CrisSantos called “Perambulando Pelo Mundo”. This series of 20 or so lessons, each 2-3 minutes long, is a delightful chance to travel with Cris and her friend through Italy and share in some of their happy experiences and problems.

I have also been helping myself to podcasts from radioglobo in Brazil.CBN - Podcast

In particular I recommend No Divã do Gikovate (see below) for a real slice of Brazilian life. I have subscribed to a number of other CBN podcasts as well and getting to know some of the political, social, environmental and sports issues in Brazil. Unfortunately no transcripts but I am at the stage in Portuguese where I don’t really need transcripts. (The same is not true in Korean or Czech or Ukrainian!)

CBN - No Divã do Gikovate
Não há assunto proibido No Divã do Gikovate. Relacionamentos afetivos, sexo e comportamento são alguns dos temas abordados. Domingo. De 21h a 22h.


That first link doesn’t work. It doesn’t point to the series.

Sorry here it is. Login - LingQ

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Take a look at two great sites:

  1. “Bom Dia Brasil” for advanced Portuguese and,
  2. “Radio Ambulante” for advanced Spanish.


I am not doing much in Portuguese and don’t want to get distracted from Polish. Do they offer audio and text?


Regarding "Bom Dia Brasil"and “Radio Ambulante”:

They both offer audio + texts with “Radio” having an exact and perfect translation (both Spanish and English), while “Bom” has a freer format which doesn’t necessarily translate everything-it’s more “newsy” and has certain gaps.

Radio Ambulante immerses you in the Latin American experience, while Bom Dia brings you up to date on what’s going on in Brasil.

You have chosen a great time to improve your Portuguese since Brazil is full of problems which generates lots of interesting contents. I don’t know if you like funny youtube channels but there is one in particular that have very short videos (5min) and is very popular. It is called Porta dos fundos (Porta dos Fundos - YouTube). They show a popular way that people speak.

Os podcast da rádio globo realmente são ótimos.