Wonderful linguists (or polyglots) amongst us

I just wanted to say how delighted I was to join our LingQ member yeah_ok67, from Taiwan, in a Skype discussion in French last night. His pronunciation and use of the language are excellent. His Italian is also fluent since he studied for a year in Perugia Italy. His best European language apparently is English but I did not speak to him in English. He also speaks Mandarin and Taiwanese, he told me. I did not hear him in his native language, but can only say that his French and Italian were impressive.

I am always delighted and encouraged when I hear people speak well in another language, when I sense that they have penetrated another, and distant (at least geographically) culture. We have many such people at LingQ.

That is what LingQ is all about. Thank you, all of you enthusiastic linguists!

I spoke to Jen Ting on three occasions, and I was so amazed by his flawless mastery of Italian that I wrote my impressions on my private diary, as a reminder of how good you can be in a language even if you live thousands of kilometers away from where it is spoken.

In his conversation reports, I have always pointed out that, if he keeps up the excellent work, he is bound to a very bright future.

I cannot help but congratulating him.

Wow this is very encouraging thanks for posting.
To yeah_ok67… I look forward to the day that I can hit the milestones that you did. Cheers from MisterB!

Really many amazing people here…