....without putting her in Siberia

A: Where is she?
B: Table four, 10:00.
A: Straightest shot to the bathroom without putting her in Siberia.
C: There’s a blank spot next to her.
B: It’s for her date.
C: Who’s her date?
A: I don’t know.

Question: “…without putting her in Siberia”, does it mean the distance is very long, far from something?
Is it common to use “Siberia” in this situation?

Thank you!!!

In the popular mind Siberia is very remote, and being exiled there is not pleasant; it is the ultimate banishment. In your example speaker (A) seems to be saying that Table Four is far away, and to be any farther would be like being exiled to Siberia.


And, no, it’s not a common, everyday expression. Don’t bother adding it to your active usage.


Thanks for letting me know, khardy.

By the way, may I know what ACTIVE usage means?

Thank you!!!

You don’t need to try and say it yourself. Just understand what it means


俄羅斯很久以前就開始用西伯利亞當非常大的監獄。不僅離文化很遠, 也是非常不適合人類生活。蘇聯的時代,很多的gulag都在西伯利亞。“他們將他派到西伯利亞可以意味著把人放逐。

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