With the greatest respect, our condolences to the family of Gintaras Akulevicius

I have received news that Gintaras Akulevicius, one of the best friends of the LingQ community anywhere in the world, has passed away, in the prime of his life. Those of us here at LingQ would like to express our sadness and sympathy to Gintaras’ family and many friends in Lithuania and elsewhere.

We have long watched with admiration as Gintaras devoted himself enthusiastically, and with kindness, to helping people in Lithuania learn English. He was a great friend of LingQ, through his blogging and other activities. He never hesitated to share his knowledge and experience with us, whenever we had a question about search engine optimization, the use of blogs to promote LingQ, or any other subject.

I had the opportunity of speaking with Gintaras in both Russian and English via skype. I was impressed by his interest in learning, his generosity, his gentle nature, his energy and his intelligence. I felt he was a truly outstanding human being, with a genuine interest in languages, particularly English and Russian.

Mark made a point of meeting with Gintaras in Lithuania, during a recent business trip to the Baltics. Mark formed the same impression as I had.

The span of our lives is short. People who make the greatest impression on me are the givers. Gintaras was truly a giver. His untimely passing is a great loss. Once again we offer our deepest sympathy to the family.

From all of us at LingQ.


Thank you for your sympathy, Steve. We can’t still truly believe that this happened…


Really really bad news, the kind of news you don’t wanna hear ever. If I may, I also want to express my sincere and respectful sympathy to the family and let’s hope he’s in a better place now. Sooner or later we all are going there and we’ll meet again.


I never knew Gintaras, but every day we saw his name appear in the forum listings and so often I tried to guess from the title of his post what he was writing about. Please convey my condolences to his family, too.


I had no close relation to Gintaras but we had some contact, and I’ve always admired how active he was on LingQ and on his blog. I know how many Lithuanians he conviced to try LingQ. I feel that he was a great person. When I read that sad message for the first time I couldn’t believe that it is true. I’ll miss him. Please convey my condolences to his family too.


The last mountain visited by Gintaras

We express our gratitude for the condolences on behalf of all the relatives.
This bereavement has had painful impact on all, who have known Gintaras.