Wish list for tutors

Wish 1:

I presume the “Student Details” page is only visible when you are doing something tutory for a student, like correcting a writing submission? Would it be possible to flag if a student is under 18 on this page?

I don’t say anything “adult” in writing corrections, but if I knew the student were 12 I might rethink the way I phrase comments.

Boy, that sure puts a whole new spin on the words “tutor” and “submit” here on LingQ. Never thought of that. Now that’s a good incentive for upgrading from free accounts.

P.S. I suggest putting a “Bees and Flowers” badge next to the students who are minors.

Here’s an idea for a “The Birds and the Bees” badge:


We don’t know the age of our members. All you can do is check their bio description in their profile to see if they tell mention their age.

What about having a Tutoring Points Awards list, just like we have provider point awards list? In other words, the list of the most prolific tutors each month.

That’s a good suggestion, Ed! We will look at tracking and adding something like this.