Wiretapping your political opponent, during an election, sounds like something a FASCIST would do

Morning liberals.

How is it going, up there on your high horses, today?

What incessant and inane lecturing can you give us all today on honour and morals?

Between Hillary knowingly receiving questions before the debates, and acting on the information, and Obama tapping phones of his political opponents – >

Liberals be like this : http://i.imgur.com/NdySEKp.gif

Trump during the election: https://i.redd.it/cz1jvchfsfjy.jpg


I can’t tell if this is serious or not. So, I’m declaring Poe’s Law.

2/10, would read again.


The claim itself is true. However, it is too soon to tell whether his phones were actually wiretapped

Trump’s wiretap outburst dismissed as ‘simply false’ by Obama spokesman Obama spokesman dismisses Trump's wiretap outburst as 'simply false' | Donald Trump | The Guardian

In an extraordinary six-tweet pre-dawn volley, Trump defended his embattled attorney general and claimed he had “just found out Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory”. The tweets, which included an assertion that “this is Nixon/Watergate” and that his predecessor was a “bad (or sick) guy”, prompted a predictable media storm. Trump provided no evidence for his claims and most reporters figured he was referring, obliquely, to reports by the Guardian among others of Fisa court rulings on investigations of communications between Trump aides and Russian intelligence – the very investigations which have seen Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, ensnared in an ongoing press frenzy. A spokesman for Obama said the former president had not ordered any surveillance – but not that surveillance had not happened.

“The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was established by Congress in 1978. The Court entertains applications made by the United States Government for approval of electronic surveillance, physical search, and certain other forms of investigative actions for foreign intelligence purposes.”

“President cannot legally order wiretaps against U.S. citizens.”–AP

Trump tweeted:
“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

Trump flashes anger over Sessions recusal, Russia stories in Oval Office meeting

The captain is angry.
He cannot use the trick of “tail self-amputation by lizards” in this case.

It is interesting that you believe Obama tapped Trump’s phone. Based on what do you believe this? Trump’s twitter feed is hardly a reliable source of information.

trump did not find out anything once again he heard some one say something and doesn’t know the extent of it and immediately tweeted it as fact with out any proof like everything he usually does,

Who cares even if they were. It’s not like we don’t know that everyone that matters is being wiretapped by someone else at this point. It’s hilarious that iaing is throwing around the word fascist like a marxist college student would do.

I hope we’ll get interesting truth bombs next week because wiretapping and politicians meeting with Russia are non-issues and shouldn’t even make the news.

“Mr Manafort was investigated by the FBI and quit as Mr Trump’s campaign chairman. Like Mr Flynn, Mr Manafort, a political operative with more than 40 years’ experience, was supposed to marshal some of the chaos and controversy around Mr Trump, but ended up falling prey to it.”
Russia: The scandal Trump can’t shake Russia: The 'cloud' over the Trump White House - BBC News

Why did Mr Manafort have to quit as Mr Trump’s campaign chairman? I think this is a trick of “tail self-amputation by lizards”.


what i don’t understand is that people are so naive to believe or choose not to that underhanded things happen in elections that only come out in the public when they get caught,a lot of hillary supporters were caught doing some under handed stuff to the sanders camapaign too although not at the level of this alledged deed

Judging by the volume of his tweets, it’s evident that Donald tapped the phone himself multiple times per day :slight_smile:

“White House Spokeswoman Walks Back Trump Wiretapping Claims.”

Note: a 30 second ad will likely run before the video.

Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders demonstrates her mastery of not answering even the simplest question directly.

“How low has President Obama gone to tapp [sic] my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” Trump tweeted.

In an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” guest host Martha Raddatz asked Sanders why the president had made the allegations so confidently.

“I think that this is, again, something that if this happened, Martha ―” Sanders began.

“If, if, if, if,” Raddatz interjected. “Why is the president saying that it did happen?”

“He is going off of information that he’s seen that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential,” Sanders replied." (Huffington Post)

Trump is going off of the ‘sheer volume’ approach. If you keep flooding the media and telling people the same thing, eventually people will believe it to be true.

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Is it like Clugston’s High Volume approach to learn languages?? hahaha


Just so long has he is not tapping 15 year old Miss Teen America contestants.

Don’t know if this is a joke or not but I’d be curious if you had anything reliable to back up your statements this time. (Apart from wild twitter speculation of course)

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“Then, a few hours after Trump had publicly defended his attorney general and said he should not recuse himself from the Russia probe, Sessions called a news conference to announce just that — amounting to a public rebuke of the president.”
‪Inside Trump’s fury: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations http://wapo.st/2mcq0dO?tid=ss_tw‬

It is still quite early into this story but it is rather fascinating. No agency has actually denied they tapped Trumps phones, only that it was not Obama that ordered it(correct me if I am wrong).

“The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, asked the Justice Department this weekend to publicly reject President Trump’s assertion that President Barack Obama ordered the tapping of Mr. Trump’s phones, senior American officials said on Sunday. Mr. Comey has argued that the highly charged claim is false and must be corrected, they said, but the department has not released any such statement.”

“It is not clear why Mr. Comey did not issue a statement himself. He is the most senior law enforcement official who was kept on the job as the Obama administration gave way to the Trump administration. And while the Justice Department applies for intelligence-gathering warrants, the F.B.I. keeps its own records and is in a position to know whether Mr. Trump’s claims are true. While intelligence officials do not normally discuss the existence or nonexistence of surveillance warrants, no law prevents Mr. Comey from issuing the statement.”

“Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Sunday said that President Trump is likely correct that there was surveillance on Trump Tower for intelligence purposes, but incorrect in accusing former President Barack Obama of ordering the wiretapping.”

Let’s see how this plays out

Didn’t you know morally reprehensible things are only morally reprehensible when you do them to liberals? Trump is a nasty meany bobeeney so it doesn’t matter what the other honest and upstanding politicians did to him.

All politicians are scum bags. The fact that liberals have been made to focus on one of them while the rest of them ruin the planet is a good indictment of how stupid they are.