Winter Blues! What is it?

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Winter Blues

Gary and Andy have been feeling bad lately. It’s the end of winter, but the days are still dark. Andy thinks that he might have seasonal affective disorder because his mood and energy are low. Gary has been feeling depressed. He misses the sunlight in the morning and doesn’t feel recharged when he wakes up.

Andy says that he feels very apathetic. He doesn’t care if he eats dinner or just goes to bed. He tells Gary that he bought a sunlamp in order to feel better. He sits under the light of the lamp, which is similar to sunlight. Gary asks him if this helps him to feel good again. Andy thinks it’s helping, but he’s not sure.

How do you feel in the winter? In winter, how many hours of darkness are there in your country?

The acronym of seasonal affective disorder is SAD. “Some patients improve after exposure to artificial light, given usually in the early morning.”(John Geddes and others, PSYCHIATRY, Forth Edition, Oxford University Press, 2012, p. 227)

I’ve heard ‘Winter Blue’, ‘Spring Blue’ - like a seasonal depression.