Winner of 'The best joke at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival'

I heard on the BBC this morning that the best joke of the Edinburgh Fringe 2011 was Nick Helm’s

“I needed 8 characters for a password. So I chose Snow White and the 7 Dwarves”.

Here is the link:

(notice British spelling!)

P.S. I always knew I couldn’t tell jokes! For the right version look at the link, it’ll also give you the other 9 of the top ten, plus the worst from Paul Daniel…

Boom, and, indeed, boom.

If that was their BEST joke, methinks the worse one must have been dire indeed…

I would have taken “6 characters in search of an author (and another)”.

That would have been very subtle indeed - but alas “Pirandello” has 10…! :slight_smile:

He may have got 10 out of 10, ie the Nobel Prize, but he only had six characters…

For real? Not really very funny, I’m afraid.