Window Behaviors in LingQ using Email LingQ links

If one is logged into LingQ and then one clicks the Flash Card link in an email, a new window opens in the default browser to work on the Flash Card deck of that email. The original window is also open. Now, when one finishes the Flash Card deck, I now have two windows open to LingQ. Am I logged in twice? If one closes the second window that one was working in with the Flash Cards by “x-ing” it out, am I still logged into LingQ twice since I did not “log out” of the second vocabulary-Flash Card window? That is, am I logged in to my original login window plus the now closed with the “x” window in the system. You might want to investigate this behavior to be sure the behavior of the email-Flash Card link to LingQ is behaving as you all expect it to be behaving. There are instances where I know that if one choses to “x” out of a window, one is not logged out of LingQ. If this is happening here, I think it an undesirable behavior of the system and unnecessary overhead to support. Your call.

How many LingQs would a LingQ LingQer LingQ, if a LingQ LingQer linked to a LingQ lesson?

@alchemist - Closing a window or tab in which you are logged in to LingQ does not log you out. To log out you need to actually click the logout link in the profile menu. If you open multiple tabs or windows in the same browser, they are all part of the same session and you continue to be logged in to one account in all tabs. Your login is remembered for a period of time. Many sites on the web do not log you out when you close a tab.