Will there be beta testing for new languages?

Will there be beta testing for new languages? and if so when? or rather when are they coming out in general?


No, not really. We never beta test languages. As soon as we add them they are available to everyone.

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So when are they coming?

ok, but also could you shed some light on whether they should be expected in 1 week or 1 year because at the moment all we know is that there will be new languages


FYI. I was told in email that Tagalog would be added in JAN/FEB 2021. Then again told summer of 2021. Then it became Fall of 2021. Then it became by the end of the year. And the last one was that it will be added sometime in 2022 “out of goodwill to the customer”. The bottom line is they have no intention of adding them anytime soon and I have no intention of subscribing until they figure out that the customer’s desires actually matter.

I suppose I should not be surprised since 5.0 is just now being released with numerous errors following nearly a 2 year delay in the release.

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We will only add languages for which we have high quality content prepared for. That means Mini-Stories needs to be perfect. In some languages we do have them ready, with great audio recordings, and we will add some of them before the end of March hopefully.

so if some of them are ready why are you holding out until the end of march?

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It takes time to take care of it, upload content, add media sources and other stuff developers need to take care of (and their hands are full at the moment improving the update). As soon as we can, we will add them.