Will the my lessons page be updated?

Sorry but it’s just very disorganised and confusing, I don’t think it’s useful that any lesson clicked gets added to ‘my lessons’.

Sometimes I like to look at a lesson before deciding to do it. Surely it’s better to have a button to add to my lessons manually to avoid the my lessons tab getting cluttered?

Sometimes I only want to look at my imported lessons why is there no filter to do this, and the only way is to sort by recently imported?

There needs to be better distinction between my courses and my lessons. If I click on a lesson, I don’t want the entire course to be added to ‘my courses’

Are these issues that are going to be addressed?

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If you go to the “My Lessons” tab, each lesson has 3 dots in the upper right corner. CLick it. “Remove from my lessons” is one of the options to click from there.

If you have it on “Courses” view then there are 3 dots in the lower right corner of each lesson. Click it. There’s a choice to “Remove the course”.

Every lesson is grouped by a course. If you add a lesson the “course” gets added, but in reality not all of the lessons…in other words, your “My Lessons” isn’t going to get filled with the entire course.

I’m not sure what “My Projects” is…unless you are looking for a better distinction for your imported lessons as you mentioned in the previous sentence.

I fully agree with swakefield , there’s no obvious reason why you should have to click the three dots and prune the list when you’re just skimming and previewing. I would have thought that an intentional “add to My Lessons” option would be standard for such software.

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my projects was a typo - wrote this on my work break!

I’m aware of the manual way to remove lessons but it seems totally unneccessary considering I never wanted them in the first place.

Thanks for your feedback. We will look into way to handle this better in LingQ 5.0.

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I would also like to see more than 4 Recent Lessons on the Library page. I use this page a lot as it’s a convenient way to continue lessons in a chronological order in unfinished courses (or for a course review).