Will the LingQ ap ever work on an Android Tablet?

I’m using a Samsung TAB 3. When the new application was released initially it did work. None of the subsequent updates work.

@pmilone - I notice you’ve mentioned this a few times, though I’m still unsure what exactly isn’t working. Would you be able to provide some more information on this and perhaps some screenshots so we might have a better idea of what issues you’re experiencing?

Our priority thus far has been to get it fixed and working properly on Android smartphones, as around 85-90% of all users on the app are on smartphones. We’ll be looking at improving the tablet view once our next update is launched, so any information on what isn’t working will be helpful.

@Alex- When the ap opens my courses are there. When I click on a course the lessons list with their statistics OK. When I click on a lesson nothing happens, the little circle in the window just spins (no text). The lesson audio appears to load OK.

FYI…Other than the lesson statistics reading 0,0 in the initial release, the program was working fine.


@pmilone - I’ve passed this along to our Android developer and will get back to you on this soon!


I have an Android Transformer (1st gen) and I’m not having that problem. You might try just using the web interface. I found that to be even better than the app itself.

@pmilone - My apologies, I spoke with our Android developer and we tested on a 7" tablet and we weren’t able to reproduce this issue. Would you be able to send over some screenshots? These might help to get a better idea of what is causing this.

@Alex- Hmmm… Weird! I’ll try uninstalling and re-installing. There are no screenshots to send. After the audio loads the lesson page is blank, no full text, no sentences, no flashcards. The audio plays fine.

@two- I have been using the web interface on my tablet.

@pmilone - OK, we’re still unable to reproduce this but we’ll keep it on our list and if we can figure out what’s causing this.