Will the imported audio be cut into several pieces?

Last time when I imported a two-hour YouTube video, the text could be cut into several pieces (say ten lessons), but the audio remained a long one. After reading the ten lessons, they go to the playlist, and there will be ten repeated audios. So it confuses me how many times I have listened to the lesson. Is my understanding of the bugs correct? Has it been resolved? Thanks.


Unfortunately, that’s not a bug. It’s the way Lingq works. Every piece of text is split into chunks of 2500 words, but the audio doesn’t get split to match the text. So for every lesson that gets split, you have the full audio every time.

I think this is a nuisance and I wish they would do something about it. What’s the point of importing ebooks if you can’t arrange the lessons by chapters, but instead end up with X number of sub-chapters?:woman_facepalming:


When I upload a file to lingq such as a word file or an SRT and I upload the audio in the same lesson the audio gets split up for me automatically. For me this works.

It actually does seem broken at the moment. I had a few audios with text split perfectly a month or something ago. Nowadays I just get the first part of the split text plus the whole audio attached to it.

If you download the SRT with DownSub or equivalent and the .mp3 with another software, go into Import Lesson. Attach both the audio and the SRT. If the subtitles are actually timestamped, like they should be, then LingQ (I guess) uses the timestamps to timestamp the audio and therefore can split the audio. I used it the other day and it worked fine.

If you are using a text document with no timestamps and not an SRT, then it may not necessarily automatically timestamp and therefore won’t split. In order to split, if there are no manual timestamps, it requires that the automatic timestamping function works. The automatic timestamps only work when the text and the audio are almost perfect, there is clear speech, there is little background music, etc. If the automatic timestamps don’t work, then the audio won’t split. That’s my understanding, anyways.

Is it only the first part, which has the full audio, or do all parts have the full audio?

There’s currently a bug with the LingQ Importer for YouTube videos, where I experience on almost every longer video (50%+ of the time), the first audio does not trim, while the second and third parts are fine. Eg. a 50 minute audio will be 50 16 14 5 instead of the correct 15 16 14 5. I only get this with the LingQ Importer and not with the general ‘Import Lesson’. But I don’t use the Import Lesson function much, so maybe I just got lucky.

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Thanks for reporting, I’ll check this with out team.

I wouldn’t mind such variant but in my case the text after the first part is not even returned as a next lesson, only the first part with the whole audio

Hi, I seem to have a related issue.
Today I uploaded a srt file together with the matching audio. But each of the six (6) lessons contains the complete audio, all lessons seem to contain timestamps but audio and text only match in the first one. Playing the sentence audio in the subsequent lessons, plays the audio from the beginning (lesson one). Lessons 2-6 are not properly synchronized.




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I have similar ussies with the LingQ Importer extension for YouTube videos too.