Will new LingQ Podcasts ever be added?

Hey guys!

I’ve gone through a lot of japanese content here at LingQ, and while I’m still gaining new insight when listening to podcasts I have already been through, I was wondering if you had plans to create new Japanese LingQ podcasts?

They were far and away the most fun and useful content for me, and it would be cool to listen to some fresh content with the hosts.

I understand this is quite a task, considering schedules and getting the transcripts, but it was just an idea.

Thank you!


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I am not a Japanese learner, but the LingQ podcasts are some of my favorites too.

I recorded some podcasts for GermanLingQ with Jolanda. They told us (some years ago) that they will not add more podcasts. I guess the intention of the podcasts was to get more users signing up for LingQ, but it did not work as well as they thought. So they started to do other things promoting LingQ.

I was listening to the EnglishLingQ podcast and liked it a lot. I miss it too. I’m often listening to podcasts but I rarely watch videos. Steve is still making videos, but I preferred the lively discussions of the podcast.

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I agree, the RussianLingQ podcasts where two native speakers chat informally are great.

I really liked these LingQ podcasts that you made, and some of the other ones. Even Steve made a few using his somewhat interesting dialect of German (‘Kanadisch’ vielleicht). I didn’t take them too seriously, but they were nice and motivating to listen to. I seem to remember they were put on iTunes as a promotion.