Will Lingq help me to pass A2 French exam?

Will using Lingq help me to pass a DELF A2 exam? If so, how?

I think LingQ will help you immensely in language learning in general. However, I imagine A2 exam may be pretty targeted to certain topics, so you might have to find the right lessons to exercise that so to speak. I think the mini-stories might help with this as it’s using some of the most common vocabulary and verbs, but still there might be certain topics that A2 might cover that may not be in the mini stories.

Perhaps someone with more French knowledge on LingQ can help point you towards other lessons that can help.

Yes, AudioReaders à la LingQ are powerful tools for learning a second language.
So, reading while listening to a lot of beginner content on LingQ in French can be
very helpful.
You could combine that with the use of a “spaced repetition system” (SRS) à la Memrise
by using some of their free pre-made decks. Note: SRSes shouldn’t be used in isolation.
But, esp. at the beginner stages (A1-B1) they can give your language learning quite a boost.

Apart from that, you should consult specialist literature for the DELF exams (esp. “mock exams”!)
so that you know “exactly” what is expected of you in terms of listening, speaking, reading and
writing (including grammar exercises!). Or as Sun Tzu said: “Know thy enemy” :slight_smile:
See, for example:

So, your learning combo could look like this:

  1. DELF prep literature and mock exams = a must have
  2. Free Memrise decks in French for beginners to boost your vocabulary acquisition
  3. LingQ stories for the levels A1-A2 and https://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com/ (for free audio,
    transcripts, grammar)
  4. Grammar exercises online - free or paid (Busuu offers a good price-performance ratio in
    this regard)

Hope that helps / good luck