Will LingQ ever support parallel reading

Here’s the Bible in two languages, parallel.
Eoin 1 | ABN Bible | YouVersion

The interface allows you to select multiple translations. It’s a very clever design, and it would be awesome to see something like that in the future.

Once you get past beginner lessons in LingQ you have to start adding translations yourselves. This is a chicken\egg problem. I solved it by copy\pasting the chapter of the book I’m reading into the Translations part of each lesson. It’s very time consuming, but manageable.

However, if I make a LingQ I lose the translation window (Desktop version). I also have this problem with youtube videos. If I make a LingQ I lose the youtube window. It’s a very annoying problem. Maybe LingQ could be redesigned with the ability to keep all windows I need open at the same time?

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For what it’s worth, there is a way you can make this work on an iPad, using the multitasking feature. I’ve written a post about this before: Fun Discovery: Lingq Setup With Ipad Multitasking - Langu...

In other circumstances. Propping a Kindle or a physical book next to your screen will usually do the trick as well.

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