Will kanji version be provided?

Hi Hitomi,

Thanks for providing the wonderful material!

But there is no kanji version for this lesson? I think hiragana only is harder to read than kanji because linq word lookup or Rikaichan (a firefox plugin) don’t work as well, and it is harder to see word divisions. For example is したいこと. Is it one word or is it 死体こと?


Hi liam11,

I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my (my daughter’s) writing!
Yes you are right, some words like 死体 したい are very confusing indeed.
I will make Kanji version within couple of days.
Thank you for letting me know, that is very helpful.

教えてくれて ありがとう!
Tutor Hitomi

Thanks Hitomi :slight_smile: I will look out for it.

done :slight_smile: It’s in the Library now.

Thanks Hitomi. I’m studying it now!

Hi all, I have up loaded my daughter’s two other writings in the library. Enjoy!