Will Danish ever be fully supported?

Really love the concept of lingq but not sure I want to pay full price for a beta language. Danish has been beta since like 2013. Will Danish ever be fully supported? Maybe in lingq 5.0? How close is it currently?

Has anyone gotten premium for a beta language and was it worth it?

There is no any difference in functionality between fully supported and beta languages. The only reason beta languages are still considered beta is because they were added more recently and have less content available, but with import feature you can add as many content as you want to your account.
I thing Danish can be considered as fully supported now, I’ll see with our team if we can move it from the beta list.


Since 2013? I wish! I asked for Danish for a long time and it didn’t get added until August 2017.
I learned Danish on my own, without LingQ, and took a successful trip to Denmark in 2015.
Anyway, congratulations on picking Danish as your language to learn! I enjoy Danish the most out of the three Scandinavian languages.
And don’t worry about those comprehension charts that show Norwegian as the closest link to both Danish and Swedish or that Danish only provides a weak link to Swedish. Not true!
If you get anywhere near B2 in Danish, and you put in enough time listening, you’ll be able to jump over to (and understand) KlarTale, 8Sidor, then more difficult podcasts, and eventually be able to watch movies in all three languages.
You may even find Swedish movies easier to understand than the Norwegian ones despite what the comprehension graphs say.