Wikipedia Spoken Articles - Spoken Wikipedia Project

This page lists articles for which a spoken word version of the article has been created, as part of the Spoken Wikipedia Project:

Wikipedia:Spoken articles - Wikipedia (Wikipedia:Spoken articles - Wikipedia)

The articles are from the following categories:

1 Art, architecture, and archaeology
2 Biology and medicine
3 Business
4 Chemistry
5 Culture and society
6 Education
7 Economics
8 Food and drink
9 Geography and places
10 Geology, geophysics, and mineralogy
11 History
12 Internet
13 Language and linguistics
14 Law and crime
15 Literature
16 Mathematics
17 Media
18 Music
19 Philosophy
20 Physics and astronomy
21 Politics and government
22 Psychology
23 Recreation and leisure
24 Religion and beliefs
25 Royalty, nobility and chivalry
26 Sport and games
27 Technology
28 Transport
29 War
30 Wikipedia-related

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wow, thanks for sharing!
It could be very useful for more listening.

Hi David, Thank you for your constantly providing of interesting links.

Do you know that there is a spreadsheet with helpful sources? Here ist the link: Sources of content for LingQ members. - Google Sheets

I did not know that Vera, thanks for sharing:) Now to figure out how to edit the spreadsheet…

Thanks so much!

David, the spreadsheet is one of the best hidden secrets of LingQ :slight_smile: If you not able to edit the sheet ask Steve for permission.

Additional I created some Google documents with helpful Links for German sources. Marianne did the same for French. You find the links on our profiles. I try to add all intersting links to my documents.

It would be great to have links to these spreadsheets on the main page of LingQ!

I always have to search through the forums to find the link again…

Or maybe in the wiki?

I agree. On the start page or the community page would be great. I also miss the link to the Youtube group.

“a spreadsheet with helpful sources”

There is a page on the wiki site(
Links to External Resources

Links to External Resources

I think it should be to find here in LingQ, not in the Wiki. I’m afraid that all the new ideas will become one of the hidden secrets of LingQ if they are not presented more obvious. The link in the help is fine but not obvious. I think the start page or the community page should provide links to the Wiki, the spreadsheet, the Youtube Group, Marianne’s documents, my documents and so forth.