Why wont my known words go up?

Whenever I join a challenge and review my days work I see that all the categories of study go up except for known words. I can go to a word in my vocab review, change it to known, then go to my stats and see that no change was made. If I listened to something for a minute that minute is reflected in my stats, as is reading, lingqing, learned words etc. But not known words. What am I not getting? Any clues would be appreciated.

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It is hard to know without more information, and you do have known words, so you are making them known somehow.

One thing that it might be, is that you are changing words from status 4 to status 5 to see if your known word count increases. However, words with status 4 are also added to the known words count. Therefore, to truly test it you need to change a word from status 3 or less to a status of 4 or more.

I’ve never done one of the challenges, so if it is something different from the standard statistics, I wouldn’t know about that.

Good luck!