Why was my account downgraded?

Hey Mark, It looks like my account was downgraded to the Free one? I obviously paid since the system charged me twice in july and august. I was refunded for the the extra payments. Does this have to do with the problems we had before? Did the system automatically downgrade me ???

Let me know Thanks! I cant make anymore lingq until this gets fix =p.

“Please confirm your Downgrade from BASIC to BASIC Membership”

This is what I saw yesterday, keroro. Did you see the same thing? I posted this yesterday after I tried to upgrade the family account.

I have fixed that issue now. There was some confusion due to the two payment profiles you had set up and the fact that one had to be canceled. It should finally be all good now.

Mait: Nah , i didnt get that msg. not the same thing . Sorry. Mine just automatically downgraded to free account.

Mark, THANKS! much appreciated