Why there is no stats for how many words are there in every Article without repetition

the blue color stat : show how many words you don’t know in this Article
The yellow color : how many words you are learning
The black : how many words in the article

But there is no stat for how many words are there in the article without counting the repetition of the word …

So if the word „you“ was repeated 25 times in an article , it will count 25 times in the black color stat … why not to make a new stat that count it as one word even if it was repeated 100 times ? I think this stat will be helpful


There is. (at least if I’m understanding your request).

(on browser) While in a lesson, click the 3 dot menu. Click “Lesson Info”. It will display the lesson info for this lesson at the top. (I’ve cut out the background picture):

This displays the total words in the lesson, along with how many are unique. Also showing all the usual lingq stats. Below that is the list of all the lessons in the course. If you click View Course you can then also see these same sort of stats for the entire course.

Note: From the app, it doesn’t appear as though this information is available currently.

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I think the point is that this information is buried.

Notice how such contrasts with how many online content platforms put such as “5 minute read”.

LingQ can improve the UX in many ways to answer these three questions quickly:

  1. Will I be able to engage this content at my level?
  2. About how much time will it take?
  3. Will I find it interesting?

Yes, you understand me correctly… but I am using lingq in my ipad and in the app it shows the stats like in the photo below

And it doesn’t show the number of unique words



That’s when and where the user wants to answer those three key questions I mentioned. There’s enough visual real estate available to succinctly provide info on all three questions. I think the number of total words would be a nice add.

For instance, just as the lower left icons and numbers show numbers of unique words unknown, partially known, and known, the lower right could show numbers of words unknown, partially known, and known.

The upper left even could have an overlay icon summarizing how difficult the content would be for the user.


It would be nice to have this info in the android version too!

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On the iPhone and iPad those info are available, just click the 3 dots and you have total words and unique words.

@numairshalhoub like Ericb100 said before, if you click the 3 dots and “lesson info” you will have the number of unique words.

However, I agree that there is enough space to put more information without having to go for extra clicks.


Thanks davideroccato, you’re right. I see those values on my ipad mini. They are not present on my Android phone.


Thanks for your help … and yes it would be nice if they save us the extra click they can put the number of unique words next to the number of total words and just put a „/„ between them …

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