Why some English words are controversial in China

Here is something that might interest would be Chinese translators:

“This looks like the start of a long battle.”
I suppose that this battle have been fought everywhere except in English-speaking countries.

Yes, this battle has been and still is being fought in quite a few countries.

If I am not mistaken, a computer translates into"電脳" in Chinese, which literally means “electric brains.” This translation is very good.

It is generally a circular fruitless argument. Most westerners don’t recognise frequently used English acronyms in China - PS, PK anyone? - and rampant nationalism never gets anyone very far down the productive path either. Keeping a language rich by keeping out other influences depends on how you define rich.

“The three authors of the People’s Daily piece also cite worship of Western culture and technology, the scarcity of good translators and laziness as possible causes.”

  1. worship of Western culture and technology
  2. the scarcity of good translators
  3. laziness

The first cause is too important to discuss here.
The second and third one might be relevant.
“ちゃんぽん” is not beautiful for my taste. I intentionally inserted a Japanese word here.