Why photo required to edit lesson?

I have had a habit of adding pinyin scripts to Mandarin lessons which lack them.

Recently your system is requiring me to add a photo to the lesson before the change is accepted. Is this is glitch? If not why is a photo necessary when the lesson is already active?

@jfeka - We added the requirement I think about two years ago that all shared lessons have to have an image. With this, however, we decided not to unshare lessons that didn’t have an image. If the course has an image, then the lesson shouldn’t need an image, but if the lesson is a single lesson and not part of a course then the lesson itself will need to have an image.

In cases like this, you can either add an image yourself (one that’s free from copyright) or just message the lesson uploader and let them know that you’d like to add Pinyin but they need to add an image to their lesson/course.

The case I’ve run into seems to be an exception to what you’ve stated.

I’m referring to UIowa Chinese Reading World, which carry a default LingQ image, but when a lesson is opened for editing the box where the image is loaded is empty.

I’ve invented an image which I add, but it is an extra step which is completely unproductive for me and causes an extra delay because I not only have to upload the same image over and over again (for each lesson edited) but after it is uploaded I then have to re-size it which takes up more time. Perhaps, if it is possible to use an image of an exact size that wouldn’t need resizing, I might be able to prepare one to avoid this step, but for the moment it is an extras step that I’d rather not do.

@jfeka - Hmm, would you be able to link me to this course so I can take a closer look?

This link will take you to Lesson 6 which still has not image when opened for edit even though it seems to have a default image before going into edit.

I just noticed now that when I click in the Edit lesson link from the drop down menu, the screen which pops up says “Lesson Import” I wonder if this might have something to do with what’s happening?

@jfeka - I see, the default image you see (the blue head) is not actually an image, but just a placeholder. I’ve now uploaded an image for the course (a photo I took of the Great Wall), and confirmed that you can now edit the lessons without having to provide an image. Should you run into any other issues with this let us know!