Why only 2000 characters per lesson?

Hi! i don’t know why i can’t upload a new article with more than 2000 characters in just one part. Because of this, when i want to load a new lesson, I have to cut the audio in two or three parts and this take me a lot of time. Thanks!


I also have this problem…

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Hi matisobrero,
I am sorry but 2000 words per lesson is maximum. This is a limit that works best in terms of performance which is why the change was made in the first place, also most users seem to prefer shorter lessons to longer lessons if we look at statistics of which lessons get used more.
We don’t split the audio automatically, just the text, so you will either need to upload the same audio file multiple times or split the audio into multiple parts and add the lessons in smaller chunks (which, though it’s a bit more time consuming, would likely be nicer to use when studying).

Does storing the same big audio file provide more performance?

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Thanks for your reply zoran, but i don’t know… I think that all the material is good to LingQ. at the end, the users can choose whatever they want, longer or smaller. Thanks again!