Why, oh why, is deleting a course so complicated?

It’s bad enough that Lingq automatically adds courses you simply want to check out to your “continue studying” (asking the user would be far better and I already pointed that out during the beta testing phase), but actually removing them is a nightmare.

I wanted to delete a course this morning and had to faff on for several minutes to try and do just that. It would be so simple to add a little bin icon to that effect instead of having to go through a ridiculous ringmarole to do something that should take seconds.

Rant over.


I just ran into this. Removing courses from the lingq library is basically mission impossible at this point. Getting rid of most infectious diseases is easier, but the real question whats the ETA for the fix?


Hi there,

To remove a lesson from the Continue Studying shelf, simply hover over the lesson snapshot → hover over the more options button (three dots) → click on the “Remove from Continue Studying” button.

This function works that you are showing but that is not what I am referring too. If you click that view all button every course every clicked on will show up with that option/method you are using as unavailable. The button is greyed out or simply doesnt work. For example I have 50+ books in my course that I have added and it takes a long time to access those because of all the frozen lingq courses that are in that folder.

There isn’t a my courses tab anymore it is only continuing studying and because of this on top of the ability to not be able to delete the courses it makes it impossible to access certain stuff and clogs/crowds the folder.

Sorry, but this is not what we are talking about. We are talking about the fact that once a course has been added, especially if it has been created by another user, then trying to delete it for good is almost mission impossible. What’s wrong with a bin icon or a delete button?


Sorry it’s taking some time. This issue has been reported to our developers and they are looking into it for a few days now. I hope they will deliver a fix as soon as possible.

Why did Tiago post the above message? Was he not aware of the original/real problem? I just want the devs to be aware of the problem otherwise it will be swept under the rug etc.

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