Why 'liked your forum post' instead of 'sent you a rose'?

Before today I received many roses for my lessons from different learners.
Since today I receive many notifificqatiobns that somebody ‘just liked your forum post’ instead of roses.
Why ‘forum post’? I didn’t write any forum posts, but I wrote and shared my lessons.
If you deny ‘roses’ you can just wrirte: Someone liked your lesson’ not ‘forum post’.

But not only this irritates me.
Lack of the feedback by the new update irritates me first orf all.
Before I could press ‘view rose’ and could thank the learners which gave me roses, I was able to ask them what kind of new lessoins they would like to have, I cou;ld also give a link to some of my new podcasts.

Now I can’t do it because when I press ‘view rose’ I receive this stupid notification REQUEST DOESN’T EXIST OR IS PRIVATE - and no possibility to go to the wall of these learners.


Why lots of things.

I criticized the administration that I receive the notifications instead of ‘someone sent you a rose’ - ‘someone likr=ed your forum post.’
Today I receive these notifications without any name, just ‘LINGQ EXCHANGE’ - but t’s NO ECVHANGE REALLY!

The meaning of ‘exchange’ is ‘an act of giving one thing and receiving anothger in terurn’.
But I can’t have ANY FEEDBACK!..
If I try to open them, I receive only ‘request doesn’t exist’?
Why not exist?..
Why not to connect these notifications about liking with my wall or with the wall of a learner who likes my lesson as bit was before???
It was so convenient before and it is so diifficult now!
Why not to admit that not all new feature were positive and not to go back in some ways?

Why arer these “blind ends” with these notifications and with empty profile sites where we couuld berfore see all lessons that someone likes and now only stupid diuagrams - nothing more!!!

And these stupuid abolitions of the 15 minurte slots for conversations!..
As a result I lost a half of my students because for many of them 30 minutes of speeking is too high xchallenge and for the others they are now too erxpensive.

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I know the feeling, Evgueny. I complained about how before the update I was able to use filters in the Writing Exchange (which is now under Community) to select by the language I am actually learning, but when I brought this to their attention, they added back the filters under Tutors instead, so the filters are completely useless to me. I was basically told that I should be be happy that they didn’t get rid of the Writing Exchange altogether. Which is why I said, “Why lots of things.”

Evgueny, I realize you are frustrated but must you be so unpleasant all the time when posting about issues here? Those issues you mention are bugs related to the like emails and functionality. You can see those are new emails so please have some patience as we work to get everything functioning properly.

With regard to viewing people who liked your lessons, we will get that working, just as we did for Likes here in the forum. Please just report the issues you find and we’ll fix them as quickly as we can.

Thanks, Mark!
I’ll try to be more patient.


I think it would really help when someone brings up an issue and LingQ administration thinks it valid and is working on correcting it, to say so promptly when the item is first raised. Timely feedback is always appreciated.

If none is given, then the person who raised the issue to begin with is left to wonder whether his/her reasoning was not understood or the issue will not be corrected for whatever reason. Even when LingQ has decided not to act on a poster’s request, it would be preferable for a quick response to be given: e.g., we’re working on it, , it’s very complicated to change, it’s not a high priority right now, or whatever. Sometimes LingQ has provided timely feedback but I recommend doing so more consistently as a matter of good “customer relations.”