Why it is so Expensive

In Turkey, user fees were increased by 600%.

The monthly fee was 89 lira and now it is 499 lira.
İt’s terrible
I don’t want to cancel my account
İt’s so expensive for us


So, for context, LingQ is ~$10 USD per month for US users. 89 lira at current exchange rates is less than $3 USD. So some price increase should probably be expected.

I’m not sure why it jumped up as much as it did, but it at least seems that some increase would be reasonable.

For the record, I’m just a LingQ user, not any kind of employee.


You are now paying a similar price to UK people, that is surely reasonable.

In the US, LingQ has a monthly fee of 13 dollars. If you pay by the year (12 months in advance) that drops to $10.

US 13 dollars is 420 Turkish lira. I don’t know why it is more expensive than that.

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