Why is there no way to report a post?

I just saw 2 posts for escort services. I’m just wondering why you don’t want your members to report such things.

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For now it’s not possibe to report it. The first post of each new user needs to be approved before it’s published and visible on the forum, that is the reason why we basically don’t have (or very rarely) spam posts.


Well, there is no way to directly report a post with a single click, but you can always report a post by contacting support with a link to the post or the page on which the message is posted. I have received a number of spam messages in the past and reported them to support and the user profile has been promptly deleted from the web site by the support team.


I agre with these too. Plus Zoran is technical support. Report it to technical and the account will get dumped promptly. We all work together to protect each other. :slight_smile:

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