Why is there a limit to playlists...?

Hey LingQers,

I’m quite curious as to why playlists are capped at only one hundred entries.

For a company that is all about massive reading and listening, how can you expect to do massive listening if you’re restricted by such an arbitrary number?

This is especially painful for us beginners, most of whom are only listening to audio clips that are never longer than just a few minutes.

The result: we fill our playlists up quickly and have to constantly go through a delete/add cycle if we want to keep our content fresh. It is quite frustrating and has gotten to the point of feeling like a daily chore for me now.

I am not religious, and yet I pray every single day that LingQ will remove this painful limit and finally allow us to do the massive listening that is required for us to improve.



Hi, in my opinion the real problem is that there is only one playlist. In former times there were several playlists, so you could use them for different listening situations. But they weren’t synchronised across the different devices you use but stored locally in the app. If you still had more than one playlist I am sure you would have no need for more than 100 files in a row.


In speaking of playlists, I find the player doesn’t mesh very well with the play/pause button on my headphones.

I do agree with this. I wouldn’t mind one hundred items per playlist, if I could have multiple playlists.

I wish we would get an official answer about this, it seems like such an unnecessary bottleneck that only hurts language learners.


I have the same issue. I use AirPods and if I pause LingQ, I have to press the resume button twice to get it to resume.

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We needed a limit and 100 seemed like a pretty safe number. Even with short beginner lessons, 100 seems like a lot. At any rate, we are contemplating some updates to the Playlist. Along the lines of having a default setting that automatically adds newly completed lessons and removes them after they have been listened to x times while at the same time removing the oldest lessons when you are at your Playlist lesson limit and you add new ones. It’s conceivable we could then allow customization of the lesson limit so that users who do want to add more could do so.

Thanks for the feedback. The Playlist is a great feature that I don’t think enough users take advantage of. I don’t see adding the infrastructure back for multiple playlists.

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I don’t see adding the infrastructure back for multiple playlists.

That’s sad news, indeed, Mark.

Back to the original topic: Very long playlists make no sense imo. In most cases, you will use the list to listen to the same stuff over and over again, maybe picking more and more details from the lessons as you listen to them. I would say that a list of some 10 to 20 minutes is ideal for this. If you have 100 lessons in one list, the timespan between two times you encounter the same snippet again is too long to make the activity effective, anyway.


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