Why is 'the next lesson' button not always accessible?

In a new version I’ve noticed one annoying trait - I often can’t find the ‘next lesson’ bottun, only ‘open the course’ bottun - and I have to open the course and to search the lesson that must be the next after the lesson that I have just listend.
I’ve noticed as well that I have no ‘next lesson’ bottun if I have all words known and don’t create a new lingq.
So I had to make a Lingq in every lesson now though I know all words in the lesson to receive this ‘next lesson’ bottun.
It’s very strange because in the former version we always had 2 opportunities after every lesson:

  1. to open the next lesson
  2. to open the course.

@evgueny40 - A link actually appears in the options menu found here: http://screencast.com/t/IhToHe1enUX6

We are also looking at making this more obvious as we continue to make refinements!