Why is the H pronounced in "Horchata"?

I just noticed that on LingQ they pronounce the H in “horchata.” Is this an error?

It is. A big one at that.

must be and english native speaker person translating lol lol

Mmmmm I love Horchata. Here in New Mexico we have some killer Horchata!

Interesting. I didn’t think a non-native would be doing a recording on LingQ.

For the OP and the record as a Spanish learner hear on LingQ, I’ve only heard “horchata” twice, it was by some mamacitas on YouTube, and in both cases there was no H pronounced.

In one Unlimited Spanish -episodio Òscar (native speaker, Europe) doesn’t pronounce the H:

I warmly recommend his lessons. They are clearly pronounced and well planned and educational, fun and peaceful at the same time.

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