Why is my time 00:00? And why are things so slow?


I’m using LingQ to try and improve my Turkish. I’ve imported a couple of texts as private lessons (with no audio). Despite the fact that I’ve worked on both of them, the time shown for each is 0:00.

Is there something you have to do to start the timer? Or does it only work with audio?

Also, things were REALLY slow in the system during my study time today. It took ages for the system to respond to my clicks and come up with the dictionary window. I’ve only been here a couple of days: this is a bit frustrating. Is there some temporary known issue at the moment?

@zbrntt - Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with the site! The audio player is only active when there is an audio file. In the case of private lessons with no audio file, you won’t be able to use the audio player.

Regarding the slowness, I’m not sure what would be causing this. It seems to be working fine where I am. Has the site been slow over the past couple of days, or was it just during a specific period of time today?

It was a specific period of time, about five minutes. Things just got slower and slower, then I gave up and left the page (closed the browser tab). When I went back a minute later it was better. It felt like some problem just got worse and worse over the time I was browsing, but it could have been my connection.

Thanks for your fast reply!

@zbrntt - the site was recently down for a few minutes due to pushing some updates. We are sorry for this trouble. It should be working properly now.