Why is my streak's background gold?

I logged onto LingQ today, and my streak was at 0, but the background and flame were gold. What does that mean?


And also my flame under my profile is gold too.

Mine is usually gold, but today it turned red. A mystery!

i came here to ask the same thing

it’s pretty!

Mine recently turned gold as well. Dunno why. I suspect it is based on # of coins or LingQs or whatnot over a certain period of time.

i really like it and now i don’t want it to go away

i guess i need to continue to read an insane amount every night to guarantee it stays :slight_smile:

Mine is BLUE! No idea what that means :joy:

Yes, we implemented a new design there and we hope you like how it looks now! :slight_smile:
The color depends on your level. The highest level, and you’ll see a gold streak indicator.


Thanks for the explanation. Now I’m motivated to work harder to make it change color!

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I’ve noticed that the number beside my flame (here on the forum) shows the number of coins earned in the last 30 days. The color of the flame depends on the number. So… the mystery is unveiled! :wink:

If you want to check it yourself:
When you click on your “Activity Streak” in the top right corner of the screen (a round icon with flame) and then on “View all statistics” at the bottom, your statistics page will open. You can choose “Coins Earned” and “Last 30 days” from drop-down lists.

If you learn just one language, I assume the cumulative number of coins on the chart will be the same as the number you see next to your posts on the forum. If you have been learning multiple languages during the last 30 days, you will probably need to sum up coins from all of them. The sum will assumably match the forum number.

Regards to all Sherlocks. :slight_smile:

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Will the color go away if you’re inactive or will it stay this way forever?

It won’t go away, it represents your current level in a language.

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