Why is LingQ suddenly so slow?

Yutaka, which languages are those? We will try not to remove them all… :wink:

I am learning English. :wink:

I think you should remove Korean…

In the Submit Writing page, if I click “Choose Corrector,” I have to wait for a few minutes before I can see just four tutors on the list. Is this problem related to the size of the database system?

The writing correctors popup is very slow and we have identified the problem. It will be fixed in the next update in a few days time.

More things to do while LingQ is down:
I’ve started a diary in Russian.

On the Submit Writing page, I clicked “Choose Corrector,” and the list appeared after a few SECONDS. I think the problem has been fixed.

I used “Post and Submit for Correction,” and it took a few MINUTES before I could see the list of correctors.

This time, it appeared after a few seconds.

I tried several times. I think the problem has been fixed.

yes, it is OK now, we can go with that.

Yes, we have done a few things to speed things up. We are continuing to do more things to improve performance.