Why is LingQ suddenly so slow?

I haven’t been able to do anything useful on LingQ for the last couple of days, because the response time on lessons, vocaulary and even my profile page have been so slow that scripts have been timing out. Today I managed to correct a piece of writing, and to write this post, but it’s still slower than before. Has this any connection with the recent flashcard upgrade?

Same problem here…

Me too, I’ve had many time outs, been kicked out from the site, been waiting for up to half an hour for a lesson to load…

Ja ja!
we practice patience.:slight_smile:
good luck in finding a solution!!

Yeah, the same here…

Don’t you think it’s a hacker attack on LingQ, do you?

who knows…I just do know that it is unbelievably slow and that it is not possible to learn on Lingq…I hope that the problem will be solved soon…

Well a couple of the wheels broke, and whole squadron of rats got sick. However we hope to get Mark and Steve on the wheel while the rats get better.

Here’s a picture of one of them trying to keep us up and running:

We’re very sorry about that. I think we have fixed the problem now. It was not a hacker attack nor related to the new flashcards but rather an attempt to speed up the lesson page which throttled the database. Too bad it took so long to figure that out…You can put your books away again now.

But I’m up to chapter 9 now! (Tuts).

It is still very slow, but not every page. For instance, my “Startseite” is very very slow. Sometimes I can not open my chapters. Or I have to wait more than one minute. This is annoying especially in the evening when I want to listen to some chapters before going to bed. One the other hand, the Forum sites are quite fast.
P.S. The new flashcards are perfect. Very good!

Speeding up the site is our highest priority and we are continuing to work on it.

I am interested in the ways for speeding up the site. Are you going to solve the problem by changing the algorithms of the system? Are you going to reduce the size of the database? Are you going to get a faster machine? I am very curious.

What you can do if LingQ doesn’t work properly:
Read a book in your target language,
Watch a movie or a TV program in your target language,
Listen to podcasts,
Explore the internet for more podcasts and interesting texts that you can import and study with LingQ (when it works again),
Explore Steves blog: http://thelinguist.blogs.com/,
Explore the LingQCentral blog in English or your language: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/
Translate articles of the LingQCentral blog in your native language, and post them on the LingQCentral blog in your language,
Explore the wiki: http://lingq.pbworks.com/,
Explore LingPlaza on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/group/LingQplaza,

Or talk a break from language learning:
go out for a walk and enjoy nature,
go to the cinema,
go to the theatre (that is what I’ll do this evening),

More ideas are welcome!

Sorry: Or TAKE a break from language learning (sometimes my fingers are to quick for me :wink: )

@Yutaka - we are looking at all options right now and it probably will be a combination of some sort.

Those are great advices, Vera. Thanks!

Oscar, I will violate my own code of ethics and offer a correction. I do so only because your English is so good that I know you can take it, and because this is such a common mistake.

Vera may have opinions, suggestions, ideas, recommendations, tips, proposals, but of advice she has only one!

Advice is never plural, unless of course usage has changed.

Wow, Steve, Thanks!
I will take your advices…I mean your advice.

Thank you for your reply. I fear that you have been working too hard surrounded by the ruthless wish list. You may remove an edit function on the forums from the list. You may remove any languages from LingQ except the languages that I am learning, …