Why is it so hard to make a lingq?

This problem has existed for years, and it’s the number one reason lingQ frustrates me. If I try to make a lingq, one of the following thing happens:

  1. it works on the first click, but it’s slow (1-10 sec)
  2. it works after 2 or 3 attempts (10-20 sec)
  3. the pop-up is blank, but toggling the mode will make it work (10-20 sec)
  4. it doesn’t work after 2 or 3 attempts, but changing the mode and selecting the definition makes it work (20-30 sec)
  5. it works only after reloading the page (30sec-2min)

Although all these possibilities exist, I’d really like to know why it takes so long to make a lingq in case 1). Can’t you do something to make lingqs much, much quicker? I’m just a layman, but it feels like you’re using some sort of antiquated method/language for making lingqs.

I don’t use Lingq myself but I saw in another post, the reason that its slow is because of the database. Forgot the word for it for a second, but because it records known words, it has to scan your list of words and find out what status it is for every single word in your text. Having more lingqs supposedly makes this take longer.

It would be way faster if they didn’t have the database thing and just went for a popup dictionary kind of thing.

It is instant for me. What is your set up?

You don’t seem to appreciate the advantages of LingQ. This is fine. I don’t understand why you hang around here though.

I can’t appreciate something i don’t use. I just hang out here because there are plenty of people on this forum to talk to and help out, I appreciate that fact.
I might use Lingq eventually, when I start earning money. Since I’m still a highschool student, its too much trouble.

MacBook Pro, OS X, Google Chrome. Yeah I started this thread in part because I’m jealous of how many lingqs you are able to make. I was thinking that if I was as aggressive as you regarding unknown words it would take me forever to get through a lesson.

I have the exact same set up and LingQing, whether with the cursor and Enter, or using the arrow keys is instant. Are you on a very slow connection? I am at a loss to explain your problem. Have others experienced this?

I don"t understand your problem, Wulfgar! …“hard to make a link” … ??? I just click on a hint when I am satisfied with the suggested translation, and it is done. If I am not satisfied, I look in a dictionary or at user’s hints in other languages (which is possible in the classic version) and I choose the translation that satisfies me. That is all!

It is pretty much instant for me too. It used to be slower a few years ago, but never as slow as Wulfgar describes.

Wulfgar, how often is this slowness? Is it every single LingQ?

My connection is pretty good here. I sometimes have spurts of 5 or 6 lingqs that go fast, but never more before I get slowed down again. Rats - I hate it when I get told it’s my system, because I don’t know what else to do.

I use the app, and it’s instant for me.