Why is "classic" hidden under Tutors?

When I want to look at my imports, I have to go to classic. In the menue on top of a page there are three possibilities: lessons-tutors-community. In the former version of LINGQ, there was a fourth possibility: classic. And under classic I could find my imports among other things. With LINGQ 5 this has changed. A few time ago, when you opened community, you could find classic. Now this has changed again and you can get classic if you click on tutors. So why all these unnecessary changes?
Why is classic not shown alle the time along with lessons, tutors and community?

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Also under classic, clicking on vocabulary shows only a blank white page for me.

Why do you need classic to check your imports? Can’t you find them under Continue Studying shelf on the home page? If you click on View All to get expanded view, and sort courses/lessons by Newly Imported, you should be able to see all your imports.

You are right, Zoran, I had not seen that possibility. Ans it is a direct way to get to my imports, indeed!
But the question remains: why is classic only shown along with tutors, and not with lessons and with community.

What do you mean by “classic only shown along with tutors”? I don’t understand, can you explain it a bit more please?

It is about the upper horizontal part of the screen.
When I click on Lessons, I see Lessons Tutors Community.
When I click on Tutors, I see Lessons Tutors Community Classic.
When I click on Community, I see Lessons Tutors Community.

FYI, when I click on Tutors I see Lessons Tutors Community and don’t see any Classic. That’s with the web interface.

That is strange! After clicking on Tutors, I do see Classic at the right of Community. I’m using Chrome.

From what I remember classic is available only for old-timers, therefore newer users may not see it. I am really grateful that I can keep working on the classic version and I hope it will be kept.
Apart from clicking on Tutors, Classic seems to appear when you click on Community and then on anything, for example Challenges or Writing Exchanges).