Why is 0.5x the only speed option on Desktop?

0.5x is too slow and distorts the audio too much, but 0.9x or 0.75x is perfect for slowing regular conversation down to a more manageable pace. Why is that only an option for the app and not the Desktop version?


I previously sent the same request to the administrators but received no response. Some lessons are spoken too fast for me to understand comfortably on the computer (by the way they are faster than appear in films and TV shows) and I can only understand them on my iPhone where I can adjust the speed to .75. Thus, I too am strongly in favor of a .75 setting on the computer version of LingQ!

Thanks for your feedback. Lot of users are asking for 0.75x speed option for the web version. I’ll ask our development team if we can implement it soon.


I’ve just noticed that this now implemented on Desktop! Thank you!

Thanks for the slower speeds! LOVE the .9. It has already made a difference in my listening!