Why I'm quitting languages


you must be joking

Haha, I’m not really quitting. But I was amazed that she learned so much in just two years.

Her Cantonese and French are native, Mandarin is excellent, English is good, Spanish not bad, Russian not good, Japanese and Swahili bad. I don’t speak the other languages. It appears she keeps glancing at notes, but it’s still an awesome video. Thanks for sharing!

You shouldn’t really quit languages because something like that, instead you should take her example as an inspiration and lead yourself to the path of master the language your want to learn. It’s a good opportunity to see what she have been doing these 2 years and try it yourself, but firstly you must change your behavior to a more positive way to think, so you can manage to get less anxiety and frustration.

I recommend you to watch this video, I’ve been doing these rules and I can say that I’ve improve immensely compared what I could do 1 year ago, I know you can do the same and get better result in your studies.

Go ahead, a great future is waiting for you, I know you can do it, just never give up on your dreams.

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I consider my Polish as my strongest foreign language. But I couldn’t recognize it was Polish in her video. Really, it sounds like an oriental language with a French accent. It was acceptable and understood with Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Slovak (surprize - I can understand Slovak spending 0 minutes for learning it).
I suppose Polish native speakers could have problems communicating with her.
So, I am not sure she is good enough in all these 40 languages.
That’s why don’t let yourself be very upset. Nobody’s perfect, most of us can achieve the similar results, maybe not in 2 or 5 years.

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Yeah like I said to dooo I was joking about quitting. Just in awe of this goddess of polyglottery.

By the way, I was able to understand not only Slovak which I have not learned before. I could understand also Bulgarian very wel. It was possible to catch the meaning of her Dutch and maybe Afrikaans (I listened the audio without waching it).
That’s why I guess there were nothing too complicated in other languages.
Anyway, I am impressed and inspired.

In another video she speaks Hebrew, one of my native languages. She says, “Hello, how are you? I met a few Israeli tourists on a bridge and I took a picture for them. I’m learning Hebrew because I have a lot of customers from Israel and [?]. Most of them eat only Kosher. They don’t eat pork at all. I think Hebrew is a very special language and is a very different[?] language. Thank you very much.” It’s not super complicated but her intonation indicates that she understands what she’s saying, and the few grammar mistakes seem to show that it’s not scripted. In any case being able to reach a basic level in so many languages is astounding.

And by the way, I’m excited to understand all the slavic languages after I master Russian :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, watch that video 100 times, then listen to it when you sleep, and you will be able to accomplish anything!

I had the same problem with her Finnish I could only understand a few words.

I watched fragments of the video. It’s very impressive. I am not discouraged. I presume in most of the 40 languages, she is basically A1 or worse. Still, it’s impressive.

Good luck with that!

Actually her Cantonese is not native, she learnt it from TV and movies, her French is native and her parents communicated in Mandarin at home so her Mandarin is sort of native but not as good as her French. This is my memory, from a while ago, of what she said herself in one of her videos (I’m not sure if it was this one).

She’s definitely inspirational.

You are right. And she said she studied 20 languages for 2 years on italki, so I guess she already had a background in the other 20.

Mother is Taiwanese; father is Cantonese. Born in Paris.

Ja, haar Nederlands (begin 6:15) laat nog al wat te wensen over, maar ik heb goed naar haar geluisterd om beter te begrijpen wat ze zegt.

Hieronder staat alles wat ik kon verstaan:

Ik ben Nederlands aan het leren omdat ik Nederlandse en Vlamingen heel erg sympathiek en grappig vind. Ik besloot om online Nederlands te leren, lessen te volgen, omdat ik een goede vriendin heb die in Rotterdam woont, dus bezocht ik haar familie in Rotterdam ???, en want mijn vriend ??? heeft ??? begeleiden voor de marathon van Rotterdam ??? dit jaar. Ik wil Adriaan bedanken omdat hij de grappigste leraar is. Hij heeft ??? en probeert zijn lessen zo aangenaam mogelijk te maken. Ik ben ook Yael heel dankbaar omdat hij altijd behulpzaam en geduldig was.