Why I think LingQ is amazing

These are my reasons for LingQ being the best language program I have ever used, and why it might be the best of all the programs.

  1. You can learn over 20 languages at the same time. Most programs only let you learn one language at a time.

  2. A lot of content. Most language programs have a set amount of content, whereas with Lingq has a lot more content spanning various subjects, and more keeps coming.

  3. It lets you listen. Audio input is essential, and LingQ emphasizes that and makes it easy.

  4. It is cheap. Unlike the most popular language learning programs that cost sometimes over $200. With a relatively cheap monthly fee you can get seemingly unlimited content.

This is not someone advertising this is a LingQ user who loves LingQ.


I would like to add another reason. NO irritating clutter and distractions from constant advertising.


Thank you for the kind words and I can assure we are working to make it better all the time, bearing in mind that people have different needs and preferences.

Yes that is good too.

The best feature for me is the possibility to import one’s own content. This is what brings me back to LingQ month after month, year after year.


LingQ is perfect. You can learn a language when you want.

My favorite things about LingQ: You can put your own content, keeping truck of your words and engagement with the language giving me a sense of acomplisment and feeling part of a language community. :slight_smile:

For me important features are the possibility to hover above a word with the mouse to get the translation, the possibility of consulting hints in other languages and the possibility to read larger text scrolling to get along. These are all features of the classic view, and I hope and expect that they will be introduced into the new view before the total disappearance of the classic view.


At Bay State Learning Center we are loving it too.