Why i stopped learning farsi

Some months ago I’ve asked some things about learning farsi/persian, but meanwhile I stopped learning it, because of various reasons.

I tried a “normal” course, but the teacher only wanted to teach grammar, so the students weren’t able to learn anything.
I tried to learn it on lingq, but in my opinion this language doesn’t work for me on lingq. There were so many errors in the translations of the mini stories, that I wasn’t able to understand anything. If you click on a word, automatically a computer is saying the word. But I couldn’t to understand this voice, so it was impossible to familiarize me with the sounds of the letters in the new alphabet.

But I’ve already paid lingq for a longer time, so I switched to another language, to learn with lingq.

I already asked for advices to learn farsi. I think there won’t be some new ones that have a big impact. But did something comparable already happen to you? Did you stop to learn a language because you felt that you don’t advance? Did you stop to learn a language because it didn’t work here on lingq? (I’m not critzizing lingq in general. I like lingq. I only don’t like how bad farsi is made in lingq.)