Why I don't succed anymore to share TED Talks?

I used to import and share TED Talks, but the last time I tried to do this, with a very interesting talk by Oliver Sacks, LingQ permitted me to share only with friends, not in the library. I was been informed before that LingQ has a permit from TED to import their lessons, so what is the problem? There is no TED in the list of providers, and the system don’t allow anymore to share directly.

Are you receiving an error when trying to share the lesson? We have had some reports of 500 server errors displaying when users are trying to import content and are actively looking into the issue.

TED has given us permission, so feel free to import any TED talks that haven’t yet been added to the Library!

I’m not receiving error messages. The question is that, when I press the buttom to share, it opens to share preestablishing that it will be private sharing. And there’s a list of providers, but TED isn’t there. I think that, if TED was there, I could share in the library, but it isn’t.

Simply click “Add New” to add TED, then share the lessons. As I mentioned in the other thread, you can share anything that (1) isn’t copyrighted or (2) is copyrighted, but you’ve been given permission to share.