Why I am LingQing many more phrases now

  1. google translate has improved
  2. flash cards work better now
  3. text-to-speech on flash cards has improved
  4. a good way to earn avatar credits
  5. good for my language learning

I like to LingQ phrases, but it seems that text can’t be selected and highlighted on the ipad, which I use to do a lot of my studying. I haven’t done text-to-speech on the flashcards. Is that built into the system or do we need to use some special program?

The text to speech is there for Russian, but not for Korean. It depends on google. Which language are you using it for?

I’ve never tried to use it. I’ll look into it.

I particularly recommend LingQing phrases from the discussion report and writing report. This enables us to focus on the phrases we had trouble with, and to see them and hear them again on the flash cards.

I hadn’t thought of that! I’m having a V8 moment–hand smacks forehead. Linking trouble phrases…yes, yes, I will try that asap. In my writing reports I merely put the troublesome phrases in bold, but it is a good idea to just link them so they’ll be highlighted. Thanks for the helpful tip, Steve.

I tend to write phrases down rather than save them as Lingqs since I don’t study my Lingqs nearly as much as I should.

It’s a good idea though. Maybe I’ll try Lingqing it and writing it.

I have very often problems creating multi-word LingQs. It does not seem to work correctly in all cases. Sometimes I am unable to open the input popup. Sometimes there is no new LingQ at all. I think the reason is that nearly all single words has been already LingQ-ed. The Multi-LingQ feature seems to need some improvements.

We’re looking at ways to make it easier to LingQ phrases that contain LingQed words, as it’s a bit tricky sometimes. Any suggestions on what you might like to see?

Not only highlighted, Yvette, but reviewing them in the flash cards with the text to speech is quite effective I find.

Oh, I just tried your suggestion to review in flash card deck and–woah, the audio plays the entire phrase! Okay, so I’m totally excited! Now, I will do the same for the ‘trouble phrases’ from my conversation report. This is really cool. Thanks again!

hape, I’m not sure if this will be helpful or not, but I find that when I just highlight the entire phrase without hesitating, it gets picked up with no problem. I just glide the pointer over without stopping, which works without fail for me. Maybe you could try highlighting without pausing–maybe that will do the trick for you.