Why Gujarati but not Hindi? Just curious

Of all the indian languages, why gujarati first, but not hindi?


Basically, we got enough content for Gujarati to make it supported language. As soon as we get enough content for Hindi too, we will add it.

ok thank you! :slight_smile:

Is there any progress with getting the required content for Hindi? Why do we have to have the mini stories? there is plenty of stuff online to be able to add content ourselves. People have been begging for Hindi for the past 13 years, it is a major world language and should be here.


Is there an estimate of when enough Hindi content will be available to launch the language? Is getting Hindi added a low, medium, or high priority?

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Are you getting any content for hindi or is nothing happening at all?

I think there is some work in progress but not sure how fast it goes. I’ll check with my colleague Sahra.


What did Sarah say? any progress?

Hi marlene666, we won’t be able to add Hindi unless we receive good quality mini stories. currently it’s not in progress.


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