Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes

Here is a great little article:


How wonderful! What a life enhancing start for a Monday morning. Would that we would do this here in Britain. No chance! But I want to give you a whole bunch of roses for sharing this!

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Yes, how wonderful! Read the entire thing. It really brightened my night.

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And its great quality in the stuff as well, we got one togheter (?) with our first born.

I love the idea of a caring government. Together you seem to make Finland great :slight_smile:

I used this piece to talk to my Italki Skype tutor - a Dutchman living in Spain! - and we both concluded that if it wasn’t for the long dark winter nights, Finland would be a great and civilised place to live in.

So I didn’t just have a cheerful beginning to my Monday…I then had to go away and check out a whole lot of baby vocabulary… Now wasn’t that a bonus of an already life enhancing piece!!

And by the way these forums are really useful for this. We talked abut Vikings and nose slitting on Friday!!

Hope you’ll keep these kinds of things coming - I talk to him for half an hour most week days and if we can’t find things to talk about, he reads me a sailing blog which I then have to tell him in Dutch what he’s read to me. Let me tell you, this is really hard work! Sailing terms may be necessary, but, oh, they are not obvious!! So I really love it when the LingQ forum gives me something to get my teeth into!!!

PS I really think I may be slowly getting somewhere with my Dutch!! it’s painfully slow but it’s happening!!


“together” but all you need to say is “when our first child was born”… And what a fantastic scheme. Lucky you!!

Sounds like there will be a sixth or seventh born.

I actually learnt about this last year watching a German documentary on Finland’s education system.

And you kept it to yourself???

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I was impressed by other things in the film.