Why don't I get updates in my feed?


I’m following a few people on LingQ, but when I go to my profile page (with a list of my messages and activity) I don’t see any of their updates. Is that normal? When I go to the pages of these particular people, I can see they have some public updates, especially the ‘I now know … words’ ones. But these updates never appear in my feed. Is there some setting I’ve missed?


This kind of feed doesn’t exist.

Hi @zbrntt, other members’ activities you can see on the Exchange page Login - LingQ
Left side is for requests, and the right side is for activity news.

So what’s the point of following people? I don’t get it.

I went to the Friends page and changed the filter to show Turkish. For some reason it just slips back to All Countries. There doesn’t seem to be a way to see people who are learning Turkish, even though that is what, I suppose, that filter is for.

I’ve been here for a couple of months now and though I like the system, I have to say the interface is a bit bad / buggy. I’m surprised, since it’s a paid service.


@zbrntt - there are three filters on the Exchange page: you can select whether you want to see all members’ activities or just your friends; language they are learning; countries they are from. I am not sure why you filter doesn’t work.

In this screenshot you can see that among my friends from, for example, Italy there is only one learning French, and I can follow her activities.


You can select Friends, Turkish, All Countries, and you will see activities of all your friends learning Turkish, from all over the world. You can see how you are doing compared to them in the Rankings on the right side.

Thanks for taking such time to answer. OK, I went to the Friends page. Now I can filter for my friends as you suggest. When I filter my friends, I get their posts on the left and their activity on the right.

However, when I filter for all people learning Turkish, I get appropriate posts on the left and some completely irrelevant activity on the right. The people who show up in the Activity pane don’t seem to be learning Turkish at all.

This is the kind of behaviour I’m disappointed with. Things don’t generally work the way I expect, and I don’t think I’m a particularly strange user in terms of expectations.

@zbrntt - you are not strange :slight_smile: It is great to have your feedback. Please note, that many members learn more than one language, and Turkish can be just one of them. The system catches all the selected users who have Turkish as one (or only one) study language. That is why it might seem irrelevant to you.

I got an answer to the original question I posted: thanks. This filtering problem is something else, so I’ll start another thread. The things coming up in the Activity pane for ALL users learning TURKISH are not from people learning Turkish in any of their language selections. I think that’s a bug.

@zbrntt - hmmm, you are right. It seems to be working fine for country and all/friends filters, but shows incorrect activities for a selected language, although Rankings and requests are correct. We will look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.